August 22, 2021

Our New Office

Our New Office

After months of preparations and some difficult work done by some of our colleagues directly involved in organizing the whole process, we’ve finally moved into our new office. 

As some of you may know, from now on you can find us at 126, Block-C, civic center, Bahria Phase IV, Rawalpindi. 

You’ll see this address updated in our emails, on the website, and in other communications. If you happen to have a reason to send us postal mail, please update your records to the new address.

We are incredibly excited about our new office - it is bright, spacious, comfortable, and welcoming. We enjoy larger workspaces, more meeting and conference rooms, spacious reception, and equally important, a prime location. We're going to finish the space fittings and decorations in the next couple of weeks - there are still some things left to do in order to transform this great place into a perfect one. 

The modern and larger office space gives us plenty of room for our existing staff and also room to grow and take on more people to help our growing customer base. We have already added a few more people to our team since moving (yes, only 2months have passed) and we are constantly growing.

This is just a sneak peek of our new office, to give you an idea of where we’ll be while powering and supporting you.

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