IoT Solutions

We are leading IoT consulting implementation services providers, with vast experience in IoT System Integration for small and large enterprises. UtoR has been Implementing IoT applications and product development for the last six years. We have successfully enabled Internet-based systems for a score of companies in the region, with fast and secure IoT Applications to boost their business exponentially. It’s an established fact that companies of all sorts; specifically technology related are re-defining their performance parameters for connected devices and information sharing.

The world is realizing the power of connected devices, sensors, and fast-paced information sharing to leverage their revenue and productivity. Seamlessly connected devices and data sharing are gaining momentum by leaps and bounds in the technology sector for business growth. At UtoR, our IoT specialist can suggest the perfect IoT solution for your business needs, create an integrative approach towards seamless implementation of the process and let you make the most of your IoT technology for your business growth. Our holistic approach towards IoT implementation has already generated successful results for many business ventures and we look forward to more in the future.

Our Methodology

Define Goals

The first and foremost step is thorough planning. We go about assessing the parameters, defining goals, and focusing on the right strategy that meets your business model and system architecture. We understand that every business requirement is unique and requires a tailor-made solution with custom planning.


Once the homework is done; now is the time to get things started. After a thorough understanding and assessment of the business model and system architecture, we start the development process. A comprehensive IoT design and development process that addresses client requirements is in place while using the latest tools and techniques for application development. We always rely on industries leading and trusted hardware for seamless IoT application performance.

Performance & Testing

Our IoT Services do not finish off with the development. We implement rigorous QA and testing to make sure the system is performing to its fullest and seamless connectivity is in place. We will analyze the system performance and render tweaks where necessary as well as suggest edits that may occur with future updates and security patches. Only after 100% QA at our end is ensured; your product is ready for deployment.